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3000sqm of skylights
in Wroclavia shopping mall

Bespoke solutions by Aluprof

Facility: Galeria Wroclavia

Pollard Street, Manchester 2012

Economic energy systems

a new standard in the construction industry

Certyfikat Breem Excellent: Pollard Street, Manchester 2012

Sky Tower

Aluprof façade systems


Facility: Sky Tower, Wroclaw 2012

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and warm home

Private building

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We create the space

and make the form

Facility: Centrum Nanotechnologii Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego

Control systems


The driving devices available in the market can be classified into three groups: manual, half-automatic and fully automatic.


As far as manual operation is considered, Aluprof is offering reels and cassettes with rope or tape transmission gear respectively. At the present, reels are the most popular operation devices in the market. They are most often applied in operation of typical roller blinds of relatively small sizes. In relation to larger roller blinds, and heavier at the same time, the transmission gear cassette is recommended for the greater comfort of use.

The half-automatic driving devices comprise most of all the crank mechanisms and different types of springs. The crank mechanisms are applied most often in the case of roller blinds of bigger sizes. They are quite frequent used as the intermediate solutions, in situation when the roller blind is too heavy to apply manual operation mechanism, and the investor does not want to increase the costs by using the electric servomotors. The half-automatic mechanisms also include springs. They can be applied in almost every roller blind as a supporting element.

The last type of the driving devices are electric servomotors. The provide the maximum comfort in roller blind operation. In the case of roller blinds of quite big dimensions they are applied obligatory, while in the case of smaller ones – they can be used depending on the needs, expectations and financial possibilities of the investor. Additionally, the Aluprof company is offering servomotors that are equipped with radio link enabling control of the group of roller blinds without the necessity to apply the wiring system between the roller blinds and the switch.

The emergency manual drive of servomotors enables operating the roller blinds in the case of power failure.

More about control systems you will find at www.shutters.aluprof.eu



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